Mission Statement

  • The Mission of the Success Center of the Yazoo County School District is to provide educational opportunities to those students in the district who are, for whatever reason(s), considered to be at-risk of not successfully completing their education efforts in a regular school setting.  The design of the educational program of the Success Program will be structured so as to provide a basic education in the areas of English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.  The academic offerings in these four areas will be designed around the Core Skills as outlined in the Mississippi Curriculum Framework Documents.

    The Yazoo County Success Center (YCSC) seeks to support and assist all Yazoo County Schools with the education of those students who are unsuccessful in traditional schools and need an alternative setting.  The YCSC attempts to identify each student’s academic, social and emotional needs and to design a unique instructional program to meet those identified needs. 

    The intent of the YCSC is to return each student to his/her home school with the skills necessary to be successful in a comprehensive, grade appropriate school environment.

    The Goals of the Yazoo County Success Center will be structured as to produce, as effectively as possible, the following desired student outcomes:

    1.       Improved attendance;

    2.      Increased academic achievement;

    3.      Improved behavior;

    4.      Enhanced self-esteem; and

    5.      A return to regular school setting.