• Dr. Ken Barron

    Superintendent's Message

    As we near the end of the first five years, I have been in Yazoo County School District, there are so many great things that I see having happened and many more exciting opportunities and endeavors for our students and community. Our accountability scores have steadily improved, schools have remained open, and we have continued to provide opportunities for our students through a global pandemic while remaining committed to expanding options for our students to succeed in areas that were not possible before. Our team at Yazoo County Schools continue to persist in “Creating Next Generation Leaders.”

    Our students have numerous new extra-curricular offerings, career and technical education options, and academic curricular choices. We are committed to strengthening these options and expanding them even further. Our technological resources provided have grown exponentially at all grade levels throughout the district. For example, students are afforded opportunities to engage in STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math) and STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) and we are expanding into a plethora of other areas.

    Currently, we are making improvements to our buildings and grounds with improved sanitation and cleaning, updates to our buildings, additional classroom construction and improvements to our roads. We are moving forward to improve our fences, gates, and exterior access to our buildings in our effort to provide a safe environment for our employees and students.

    In keeping with one of the goals of our strategic plan, we have focused on improving our safety and security for our students, faculty, staff and the community. From our own campus police department to enhancements in our camera system to using technology to improve monitoring, tracking and data maintenance, we are working to make our campuses as safe as possible.  YCSD is also committed to protecting the “whole child,” ensuring that our students’ physical, emotional and social needs are met.

    Moving forward, we want to enhance the communication and input from parents, continue to expand career and technical offerings and options, and improve our students’ opportunities to enter college, the military, or the workforce.  We are also going to craft plans for long-range building and ground goals -- giving our students the best facilities we can while maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of our schools.

    So much is going on, so much growth is happening!  It is truly a great time to be a part of the Yazoo County School District community

    Ken Barron, Ed. D.
    Superintendent Yazoo County School District

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