• Welcome to the Office of Professional Development and Continuing Education

    The Yazoo County School District is committed to creating, formulating, planning, implementing, and providing multiple opportunities for teachers to receive sustainable, equitable and differentiated professional development to continually refine his/her pedagogy and skills in an effort to attract, recruit and retain "ROCKSTAR" teachers.  

    The goal of YCSD is to recruit and retain high quality teachers to create #YCSDNextGenLeaders!

Welcome YCSD Teacher!

  • Terri Rhea

    We are so grateful that you are such an integral component of increasing student achievement! It is truly you ALL that make the difference for our students and we don't take this for granted. On this page, you will find links to all that you can possibly need to increase your skills and pedagogy in your educational career! Please be absolutely sure to take advantage of your two free courses per year with ASCD Activate as well as all of the other plethora of resources available to "up your game" and toolbox of skills! If you need any help whatsoever please feel free to reach out to:

    Dr. Terri Rhea  662-746-4672 ext. 1024