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  • Office of Curriculum and Instruction

    Our goal is to prepare students to be “Next Generation Leaders!” In doing this, we hope to provide students, parents, teachers, and the community information and resources that will help in students achieving their goals. Our goal is to support the stakeholders of the Yazoo County School District. This support includes both training teachers and providing resources to help the students of the Yazoo County School District to be the absolute best they can be and compete on a global level for employment!

    At the heart of high curriculum is the premise that all students are able to learn and are capable of being successful. The Yazoo County School District implements a curriculum built on high expectations and rigor, and is aligned with state standards. Woven throughout the fabric of the curriculum across disciplines is a focus on the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Music in order to meet the needs and exceptions of every child.

    In addition to the aforementioned, the Yazoo County School District curriculum is focused on critical thinking and strong 21st century communication skills. It also consists of the transmittal of relevant information, fosters an innovative climate and creativity in order to fit the needs of today’s classrooms that are comprised of students with diverse needs.

    Students need to be able to apply what they learn and create new and innovative products or ideas, determine various ways to solve problems and be able to take a stance on issues by being able to apply reasoning and logic to justify their thinking. Finally, the curriculum of the Yazoo County School District focuses on a vertical and horizontal alignment between grades in order to scaffold, or build, the learning experience.

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