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    The Federal Programs Department coordinates several federal grants in conjunction with the Mississippi Department of Education.  This department ensures YazooCounty School District maintains compliance with regulations and guidelines associated with federal programs.  Yazoo County School District receives federal funds from the following grants:  Title I, Title II, Title IV, and Title V.  Here is an overview of the federal programs being administered in the Yazoo County School District. 

    Title I, Part A-Improving Basic Programs Operated by Local Educational Agencies

    Title I, Part A funds provide financial assistance to help ensure that all children meet challenging state academic standards.  Title I, Part A provides resources, activities, and personnel at Bentonia Gibbs Elementary, Linwood Elementary, Yazoo County Middle School, and Yazoo County High School.  

    Title I, Part D-Prevention and Intervention Programs for Children and Youth who are Neglected, Delinquent, or At-Risk

    Title I, Part D funds provide financial assistance to the Yazoo County Juvenile Detention Center to establish, maintain and improve programs of education for neglected, delinquent, or at-risk children and youth. The Yazoo County Juvenile Detention Center serves children and youth from Yazoo County School District, Yazoo City Municipal School District, Madison County School District, and Canton Public School District. 

    Title II, Part A-Supporting Effective Instruction

    Title II funds are used to increase student academic achievement consistent with the challenging state academic standards; improve the quality and effectiveness of teacher, principals, and other school leaders; increase the number of teachers, principals, and other school leaders who are effective in improving student academic achievement in schools; and provide low-income and minority students greater access to effective teachers, principals, and other school leaders.

    Title IV-Student Support and Academic Enrichment

    Title IV funds are used to improve students' academic achievement by increasing the capacity of schools and local communities to (1) provide all students with access to a well-rounded education; (2) improve school conditions for student learning; and (3) improve the use of technology in order to improve the academic achievement and digital literacy for all students.

    Title V-Rural and Low-Income School Program

    Title V funds are designed to improve student academic achievement and the quality of education for all students. Funding may be used for the following purposes: to support school efforts to implement promising education programs and school improvement programs that rely on scientifically based research; to provide a continuing source of innovation and education improvement; to meet the education needs of all students, including at-risk youths; and to develop and implement education programs to improve school, student, and teacher performance. Funded programs must be: (1) tied to promoting challenging academic achievement standards; (2) used to improve student academic achievement; and (3) part of an overall education reform strategy.

    If you have any comments or concerns regarding the use of federal funds please send your written responses to:

    Yazoo County School District 
    Federal Programs Director
    94 Panther Drive
    Yazoo City, MS 39194

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