Superintendent's Corner

Ken Barron, Superintendent

Dr. Ken Barron, Ed. D

As we near the start of the 2020-2021 School Year, we are filled with many of the usual emotions, but this year brings opportunities like we have not seen before. We are in a season unlike any other in our lives and we are poised to seize this chance. We have overcome innumerable obstacles through hard work, strength, dedication, faith and an innate drive to achieve greater successes than before. This will be no different! Our students will return in a manner that will be different than what we are used too. Much like prior times in our history when major changes impacted us, there were different challenges leading to procedures that had to change. Those changes occurred and after the initial acclimation period, we usually realized that those changes were positive. As we enter this year, I am trusting that this incredible team, known as the Yazoo County School District Faculty and Staff, will rise higher than we thought possible and provide opportunities for our students to grow and become the “Next Generation Leaders” that we know they are destined to be. Each day throughout this year, focus on the growth, on the positive, on the hope....look to your left and right to those shoulder to shoulder with you on the team and know that we are here holding that line. We are a team of warriors, fighting for the chance for our children to succeed and improve our community, state and nation, as did those who prepared us. I am becoming more excited each day as we come closer to the year because I know the success that awaits our students. Remember, we are focused on preparing “Next Generation Leaders” in Yazoo County! It's who we are; it’s what we do. We are not the fastest or strongest all the time, but our resolve to provide those we care about with the chance at greatness, make us the best of the best. Have a GREAT 2020-21 School Year YCSD!


Ken Barron, Ed. D.