• Welcome to 8th grade Mississippi History/Geography.  I am Coach Bryant Fisher, and I am delighted to be a part of your educational journey. I am a native of Yazoo City, Mississippi with 8+years of experience working with students in various settings.  As a teacher and coach, I am committed to helping students achieve their optimum career goals through innovative academics, sophisticated mentoring, and robust training. 

    As a history teacher, I am passionate about connecting students with the past.  Every student is special to me, and I am confident they will be able to grow and develop through the exploration of the topics we will cover in class.  My main objective in teaching Mississippi History/Geography is to demonstrate not only how the past relates to the present, but also how they can examine the world around them and discover their place in it. 

    In my classroom, I have high expectations of all students. In order to hold students accountable, they will be required to take responsibility for their own behavior. Each student will be expected to follow the Yazoo County School District rules and regulations. Students are asked to come to class each day, prepared to learn with all required materials, including but not limited to a pencil and Chromebook. Students must regularly check our online Canvas page and their school e-mails for class assignments and information.

    I am eager to share my passion for social studies with the scholars at Yazoo County Middle School. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email regarding the advancement of your child's education. 

    Educationally Yours, 

    Bryant K. Fisher